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Integrity check

In order to check that the files (applications, source packages) you downloaded are original and unmodified ones, you can use GnuPG.

GnuPG is installed by default on GNU/Linux. It's also available on Mac and Windows.

GPG keys

GPG keys used to sign applications, sources packages and commits:

Jerome Pinguet

Current key
  • Key Id B4FC539FFF2C5B75
  • Fingerprint F6B2 7A08 EB11 7D00 D0BA E0D7 B4FC 539F FF2C 5B75
Expired key

This key has expired on 02/27/2017 and hasn't been used since then.

  • Key Id 14B7E62420E51038
  • Fingerprint 7F6E 3850 227B D3E4 78B6 C655 14B7 E624 20E5 1038
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