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-==== Wiki reference ==== 
-<note warning> 
-To avoid spamming, only identified users can make changes on the wiki.\\ ​ 
-If your edits are noticed as spams, you will be definitively banned from this wiki group of users. 
-Documentation changes should now be done only on the wiki, not in the google svn code base. 
-Syntax: http://​​wiki/​syntax 
-How to 
-  * Force a media cache system purge (and refresh): add at the end of the URL &​purge=true 
-  * Make a new page 
-    * make a [[NewPageName]] in the text of the page from which to link 
-    * after saving and clicking on the new stub, you should be presented a blank editing window 
-    * if instead you are presented "does not exist" 
-      * click at top left '​Create"​ 
-      * if this does not work, take your proposed path and name for the new page for example http://​​en/​drafts/​freediams/​standardizedprotocols and append to the URL ?​do=edit&​rev= 
-  * Find pages which need updating 
-    * these are tagged as follows (or just search "​needsupdate"​):​ http://​​tag/​needsupdate?​do=showtag&​tag=tag%3Aneedsupdate 
-  * Table of contents: if you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is generated automatically – this can be disabled by including the string ~~NOTOC~~ in the document. 
-    ​ 
-Tags : 
-  * Click on "Edit this page" on the top left of the page. Tags are described on the first line of the page. 
-  * Commonly start with 
-   <​note warning>​This page needs to be reviewed and updated</​note> ​ 
-  * Commonly change to 
-   <​note doc>This page is up-to-date.</​note>​ 
-Image links 
-  * The english pages show french screenshots... are these copies that I can delete from the english page and replace with English screenshots?​ --> You can try each time to replace the "​-fr"​ to "​-en"​. I've done the most of the shots in both languages. If shot does not exist, then click on the button that represent the image. Search for shots in shots:​freediams:​042 and 050. If they are not present upload them to the 050 dir. 
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