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Wiki reference

To avoid spamming, only identified users can make changes on the wiki.
If your edits are noticed as spams, you will be definitively banned from this wiki group of users.

Documentation changes should now be done only on the wiki, not in the google svn code base.


How to

  • Force a media cache system purge (and refresh): add at the end of the URL &purge=true
  • Make a new page
    • make a NewPageName in the text of the page from which to link
    • after saving and clicking on the new stub, you should be presented a blank editing window
    • if instead you are presented “does not exist”
  • Find pages which need updating
  • Table of contents: if you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is generated automatically – this can be disabled by including the string ~~NOTOC~~ in the document.

Tags :

  • Click on “Edit this page” on the top left of the page. Tags are described on the first line of the page.
  • Commonly start with
This page needs to be reviewed and updated
  • Commonly change to
This page is up-to-date.

Image links

  • The english pages show french screenshots… are these copies that I can delete from the english page and replace with English screenshots? –> You can try each time to replace the ”-fr“ to ”-en“. I've done the most of the shots in both languages. If shot does not exist, then click on the button that represent the image. Search for shots in shots:freediams:042 and 050. If they are not present upload them to the 050 dir.
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