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OpenReact is a short expression representing “Open Reactions”


OpenReact is an open source project to

  1. develop and maintain an open repository of drug interactions information and to
  2. make the querying of interactions possible through an open API

It was incented by the project FreeDiams

Functional Requirements' Specifications

After an EMR would send its data to FreeDiamsWebService, the service must do several things:

- return an error with explanation, if the service finds something invalid like

XML defect
Version incompatibility (database or service versions)

- identify any unidentifiable substrates / substances

issue a warning of the form
"The following values could not be processed
	Value	Reason
	value1	duplication within the enclosed substrates
	value2	not identifiable
(but as long as there are n ≥ 2 identified, continue)

- process the identifiable substances

- build a set of results

- return the results (along with the session UID) to the EMR

Inventory of efforts

Jeff B

On 2011-01-08, at 6:51 PM, Jeff wrote:

I already have the basic web services and database layer stuff done. I just need to implement the specifics for the queries required.

Graham Chiu

On 2011-01-08, at 5:23 PM, Graham Chiu wrote:

Using Cheyenne web server (, a very light weight web server which can run on Linux/Windows, written in Rebol by Nenad Rakocevic. If you see any passwords that should not be there .. please let me know!

For most of the drugs, the INN is the same as the USAN. So, I just did a scripted search for the RxCUI for the INN, and those that I couldn't find, I did a manual search … I think
Olivier Girardot

The API is designed to be versatile e.g. XML:

Pushed it to GitHub

I'll create the wiki pages needed to deploy it, it is using Python/Django and I made it virtualenv friendly so anyone can create its own dev platform in half an hour (using sqlite, mysql, postgresql or whatever comes to mind and is compatible with Django).

Packaging notes


Publishing on commit button has build options

  • openSUSE BuildService Project: medical
  • openSUSE BuildService Package: freediams
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