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 ======Introduce yourself====== ======Introduce yourself======
-  *[[:​en:​mailing-lists|mailing list]] +  *Please send a message to the [[:​en:​mailing-lists|mailing list]] 
-  *A few things we'd like to know about you+  *A few things we'd like to know about you
     *Your name     *Your name
     *What'​s your interest in the project?     *What'​s your interest in the project?
     *Job, education, self-taught skills     *Job, education, self-taught skills
 +    *Healthcare experience
 +    *Developer experience
     *Published papers or code?     *Published papers or code?
-    *How did you hear from FMF?+    *How did you hear from us?
     *Programming languages     *Programming languages
-      * C++/Qt+      * C++ 
 +      * Qt 
 +      * JavaScript 
 +      * Web skills HTML5, CSS3
     *Development platform, OS     *Development platform, OS
-    *MySQL, SQLite+    *MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB
     *Android development     *Android development
-    ​*Web, HTML5, JavaScript, Meteor +    *Bash
-    ​*Bash?+
-Don't forget ​to declare your competing interests (register on the wiki to get access to the form). ​Thank you!+If you want to become a code reviewer or a moderator, you will have to [[fr/​doi/​form|declare your competing interests]] (register on the wiki to get access to the form). 
 +Other contributors don't need to do this. We will review their contributions to make sure that they are meeting our guidelines regarding independence.
 +Feel free to send a pull request on [[https://​​FreeHealth/​freehealth|GitHub]]! We have a "merge first, test, review and criticize after" contribution policy.
- +Thank you!
-What are your computer/​medical skills +
-What kind of hardware are you using (tell us about your OS too) +
-For those who want to become a FreeMedForms developer:​ +
-C++/Qt coder? +
-MySQL? +
-SQLite? +
-Bash? +
-Declare any conflict of interest+
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