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New cookings for FreeDiams 0.5.2

FreeDiams 0.5.2 is beeing developed, it will be a debug version.

This page is updated while develop.

New drugs databases

Corrections of the interaction engine

  • Update of the interactions data from the AFSSAPS on the basis of the Thesaurus published the 17/12/2010
  • Lots of corrections have been done on the IAM engine for the following drugs databases:
    • FDA
    • HCDPD
    • ZA
  • Some corrections of interaction level: Unadvised + Contraindication instead of Undavised only
  • New 'Interaction Engine Confidence Index':
    • FR: 67%
    • US: 68%
    • CA: 70%
    • ZA: 57%

New interactions source integrated

  • New source of IAM added to the engine: the cytochrome p450 family interactions.
Icon presenting a cytochrome p450 interactionIcon presenting a cytochrome p450 interaction
  • New source of IAM added to the engine: the glycoprotein-P interactions.
Icon presenting a glycoprotein-P interactionIcon presenting a glycoprotein-P interaction
FreeDiams bibliographic linksFreeDiams bibliographic links

FreeDiams now clearly shows the scientific sources of its knowledge:

  • 1. Click on the “Get bilbiogrphy” button to get the bibliographic references of the viewing drug-drug interaction.
  • 2. Click on the “Link to reference” to go to the source web page from where are issued datas used to compute the interaction
  • 3. View the full bibliography (after clicking on 1)

New alert when loading prescription files

  • If a drug can be found in the drugs database, a warning dialog appears and the drug is added as textual drug.
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