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What’s cooking in FreeDiams 0.5.0

FreeDiams 0.5.0 is in a new phase of development. Most of its new functionnalities are already available but still need testings.

To test these new functionalities, you have to build FreeDiams from the SVN. Then, you have to ask for the new drugs database on the mailing liste.
This page is updated regularly as FreeDiams develops.

New drugs databases

Some new drugs databases will be available with FreeDiams 0.5.0:

  • (simplified) South African drugs database from SAEPI source

New interaction engine

The new interaction engine is based on molecular analysis of drugs. Interactions are calculated on the basis of the ATC code of the molecular component of drugs.

The interaction engine is available for the following drugs databases:

  • French (AFSSAPS)
  • Canada (HCDPD)
  • USA (FDA)
  • South Africa (SAEPI)

Interactions texts will be available in:

  • French (reference language)
  • English (translation of the french texts)

Dynamic interaction alerts

Interactions alerts are now two types:

  • passives alerts are represented by icons
  • dynamic alerts are dialogs that present found interactions before the user can access to the prescription itself. User must confirm or cancel his choice.

Alertes dynamiques

Of course, to limit the depletion of prescribers (who do not wish to confirm their choice for minimal interactions), dynamic alerts have their own preferences. Users can disable them or adjust the alert level. The alert level minimum corresponds to contraindication only while the maximum level corresponds to all interactions found.

Dynamic alerts preferences

New interactions synthetis dialog

Presenting translated texts of interactions, this new dialog is more ergonomic and more intuitive.

New interactions synthetis dialog

For MacOS

Application icon shows in the badge, the number of found interactions (like Mail shows the number of unread mails).

New print engine

  • With ability to cache all prints into a specific path in PDF.
  • With ability to print natively in 2 n-up (without changing your printer configuration)

New print dialog, print natively in 2 n-up

|New print dialog, print natively in 2 n-up

The protocol creator dialog more ergonomic

The dialog buttons

More informations available about the drugs database and the active drug. Buttons are totally reviewed. Preferences are available to set the default active validation action.

The protocol creator dialog more ergonomic


Intakes schemas manageable

Users can now manage their personnal recorded items directly from inside the combobox.

In the shots, the combo is opened showing items, and on their left a set of three buttons (move up, move down and remove). User just need to click on : - the label to select it inside the combo - any button to modify the list

The list is automatically saved when the dialog closes, the order is preserved.

Personnal intakes are manageable directly from inside the combo

Allergies and intolerances management

Alerts in viewers

Alerts are perfectly integrated and based on:

  • drugs identifant (allergy to one specific drug)
  • ATC codes (with possibility to select an allergy to an ATC Class – less than 7 char ATC Code)

Allergies and intolerances are remembered with a specific icon and a different background (red for allergies, yellow for intolerances) in the drug selector and in the prescription viewer.

Alerts before printing

When user prints templates, templates prescription are analysed and user is prompt of any allergy or interaction before start the print process.

Allergies and intolerances new combo

FreeDiams now perfectly shows the allergies and intolerances inside a combobox located in the Patient's informations box.

Presenting patient's allergies and intolerances

Allergies and intolerances in dock

FreeDiams presents allergies and intolerances to users in a dock window, like the templates. You can toggle the view in the menu Prescriptions.

Date of release

FreeDiams 0.5.0 should be released in mid-September.

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