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FreeAccount accounting plugin is discontinued

March 23 2017

We decided to discontinue FreeAccount. This accounting plugin based on a rewrite of RapidComptaMed was never completed. The code hasn't been updated for 4 years.

Its code has been removed from our git repository with this commit:

commit fe2731ceda74ab44de8accaf3002743ca79e1f17
Author: Jerome Pinguet <>
Date:   Thu Mar 23 02:07:14 2017 +0100

FreeHealth will concentrate its scarce resources on purely medical and clinical objectives: managing health data, prescriptions, clinical notes.

FreeAccount code is GPLv3. It is still available in the former source package releases. Feel free to fork it and continue its development if you feel like it. A more reasonable approach would be to modify or write plugins for existing open source accounting software projects.

Accounting practices and requirements vary greatly between countries and inside the same country, between various types of medical practices. Building an international project to meet such diverse requirements is far beyond the scope of FreeHealth objectives.

Let's concentrate on what we do best: healthcare!

Here is a list of free and open source accounting software maintained on Wikipedia.

Our best bet would be to collaborate with Tryton ERP (on which GNU Health is based) to write plugins adapted to your type of medical practice.

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