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FreeHealth Roadmap

See also: missing features

Roadmap to 1.0.0


Issues Planned Priority Process
Problem list 2017 High 0%
Separate content (medical data), description (html/xml) & style (CSS)
apps naming conventions
Phasing out support for SQLite Sep. 2016 high 25%
MySQL 5.6 February 2016 high 0%
Installation: Network configuration should be deeply tested Aug 2014 critical 75%
Datapack: buggy download Jun 2014 critical 0%
Datapack: update servers (see also freeddimanager roadmap) Jun 2014 critical 70%
Build scripts: create script to build binaries with some pre-configured datapacks Jun 2014 critical 0%
WebCam plugin does not work properly Jun/Aug 2014 high 0%
(France) Preparing SFMG certification for the eDRC plugin Jun/Aug 2014 high 50%
barcode generation & handling Feb 2017 low Planning

unit tests

Unit-testings Planned Priority Process
EHR Core plugin Sept 2014 low 0%
EHR FormManager plugin Sept 2014 low 40%
Lib Utils (database part) Sept 2014 low 40%
MultiOS USBKey configuration Sept 2014 low 0%

Roadmap to 1.2.0

Issues Planned Priority Process
Datapack: manage datapack dependencies 2015 Critical 0%
DDI: allow user to definitively remove some DDI alerts 2015 Critical 0%
PatientBase/Form: Manage patient data exportation (XML, CSV, TXT, PDF) 2015 Critical 50%
Form: Manage mandatory fields 2015 Critical 0%
User: Manage user groups/rights in forms 2015 Critical 0%
TextEditor: add possibility to include images into the texteditor (needs to be saved into the HTML file as base64) 2015 High Done
Unit-testings Planned Priority Process
FreeHealth UserManager plugin 2015 low 0%
FreeHealth DDI plugin 2015 low 0%
FreeHealth BaseWidgets plugin 2015 low 0%
FreeHealth patientbase plugin 2015 low 0%


  • create an Obstetrical form: see free and open source external project with ready to use obstetrical forms
  • create simple forms for:
    • psychiatrists
    • cardiologists
    • gastroenterologists
  • Manage user restriction in forms when adding subforms

Items for patient forms (basewidgetsplugin)

  • Select one or more FreeHealth EHR user(s): create a form item that lists all users in a ListView widget

Some TODOs

Patient safety

  • See Patient safety page for a systematic review of current and future features to improve patient safety and reduce risk of errors


  • Redesign the protocolbase and allow to share protocols using datapacks (2-3 months)
  • use user rights in dosagemodel, drugsmodel, print in drugswidget
  • Improve PIMs computation (3-6 months)
  • Add pregnancy alerts (see also FreeToolBox roadmap)
  • Automatic specific protocol for unique injection prescription (vaccination for eg)
  • prompt a clinician to enter a structured response to override a drug-interaction alert and include as part of the legal medical record.
  • capture No Known Allergies (NKA) & No Known Drug Allergies (NKDA) status for the patients
  • allow clinician to deactivate allergies/ADR/DDI/PIM with a structure comment
    • Partially done using the alertplugin, we need to catch the user comment and to include it somewhere…


  • create an assisted entry (text completer with medical terms) (missing specifications)
  • problem with the color action in the context menu (solved with Qt5)
  • connect search action

Pad Writer

  • Implement the PadTools code in replace of the old token manager (done)


  • Manage a “full screen” view
  • Manage locations
  • Add search feature
  • Add click → open the patient files
  • Add a combo somewhere with all appointments of the day
  • Manage user vacancies and absences


  • Check duplicates when modifying the patient identity (1 day)
  • Warn about duplicate(s) when opening a patient's file (you're about to open Mister John Doe born xx/xx/xxxx living at address A etc, another patient with the same names exists: Mister John Doe born xx/xx:xxxx living at address B etc)
  • PatientBar
    • add actions specific to patients
    • should be enabled by user
  • Inside the patient creation form:
    • the user can move from the “street” box to the “city” box using the tab key (1 hour)
  • Allow user to easily send email to patient (1-2 days) in the PatientSelector (identityviewer)
  • IdentityWidget: plugin hook for providing alternative patient picture sources: Webcam (see webcam plugin - 2-3 months)
  • Improve the patient bar using the detail widget (Utils::DetailWidget)?
  • Patient file exportation in XML

FormManager && XML Forms

  • Remove specific DrugMode code and use the <Page> XML tag in forms
  • Allow users to redefine the label of the “Patient Files” mode in the XML forms, and use this only by default


  • add formCondition, formConditionResult, formValidationWidget ?
  • add mandatory field tagging and manage them (1-2 weeks)
  • when adding a sub-form → manage recommended sub-forms and other dependencies
  • ability to add a form/sub-form as item of a parent form (the added is included in the form)


  • Needs a full code review (2-3 months)
    • model/base
    • usage of categoryplugin
    • usage of datapacks (for community templates sharing)

Prevention plugin

  • Needs specifications+++

Document manager

  • First implementation (3-6 months)
  • Management of scan docs, photos, pdf and others…
  • Management of pdf-fdf filling using pdftk

Alert plugin

  • Nothing to do here


  • Looks fine since v0.8.0

GIR Plugin

  • Add ward statistics
  • statistics in general


  • French specific :
  • Patient Synthesis (mode with own database + form widget extensions)

Other features

  • Patient data exportation/importation/archive

Country specific


  • gestion des critères de suivi de performances
  • accréditation base de données thérapeutique HAS && LAP
  • eDRC (2-3 months, code partially available)


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