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FreeToolBox Roadmap

This is the roadmap for FreeToolBox. It can be also concidered as a part of the changelog between main stable versions.

Next version Coding started at Planned release
1.0.0 July, 2010 late 2014

Where possible, kindly avoid multiple small edits.

Version roadmaps


Issues Planned Priority Process
Remove DDI management from FreeToolBox and create FreeDDIManager Jun/Aug 2014 critical 80%
Datapack creation queue must be improved Jun/Aug 2014 critical 60%
Test datapack server creation Jun/Aug 2014 critical 50%
Unit-testings Planned Priority Process
Libs: datapack librairy (server creation tools) Sept 2014 critical 30%



Objectives for FreeMedForms PIM management

  • PIMs are calculated on the basis of the ATC codes of MOLECULES (not drugs ATC code - which is NOT the same)
  • Use can choice the source of the PIM
  • PIM are processed:
    • Before the prescription beeing done (drugs to avoid with the elderly)
    • During the prescription (dosages to adapat to the elderly - a panel show the warnings)
    • After each drugs prescription (associations avoid with the elderly)
    • When a patient data change (active pathology, medical history…) (manage misuse, underuse drugs regarding the patien physiology/comorbidities)
    • When a chronic treatment is analyzed (duration adaptation)
  • Level of warnings can be defined in the preferences application
  • When possible, an alternative list of drug is proposed to the practitioner

Structuration of data

<PIM genericSource="Beers,Priscus..." pmid="" type="" level="" country="">
  <Molecule class="" atc="" />
    <Molecule class="" atc="" />
  <DoseAlert higherThan="" lowerThan="" />
  <Risk lang="" value=""/>
  <Management lang="" value=""/>
    <ICD value="" />
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