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FreeICD Roadmap

This is the roadmap for FreeICD. It can be also considered as a part of the changelog between main stable versions.

Next version Coding started at Planned release
0.1.0 October, 2010 2015

Where possible, kindly avoid multiple small edits.


FreeICD is an ICD10 coding assistant. It should be available with French, English and Deutsch translations of the WHO edited ICD10.


DONE -> v0.1.0

TODO -> v0.1.0

  • Implement multiple thesauri (group thesaurus, scientific society thesaurus, personal thesaurus)
  • Ability to move codes from one to another thesaurus (drag/drop) ?
  • Multimodes:
    • In selector :
      • simple selector (does not open the code dialog)
      • complete selector (opens the code dialog with inclusions/exclusions…)
    • In collection:
      • simple ICD code selection (does not manage coherence of the code collection)
      • Code collection (manages exclusions, inclusions, daget…)
  • Efficient search with autocompletion 1):
    • search string should search diagnostic concepts beginning with, containing or ending with the string
    • snowflake data model & QAC autocompletion method


Some ICD 10 rules


  • Some codes can have multiple labels according to the associated daget
  • We define:
    • System labels: which are the exact label of the code as shown in the ICD10 next to the code (inside chapters)
    • Daget labels: correspond to the label of the code when associated using dag/star system
    • Included labels: correspond to the synonyms described in the ICD10
    • Excluded terms: correspond the excluded code's system label

Search terms and daget in selector

  • For the selector, the search is done on the system terms only, because the daget labels can only be understood in the context of an association with another term
  • Selector will show the daget of the codes:
    • * : asterisk meaning that the code can only be used in association with a dag code
    • (*) : can be asterisk, code can be used alone (no daget) or in association with a dag code
    • : dag code can only be used in association with a descriptive asterisk code
    • (†) : can be dag code, can be used alone or in association with a descriptive asterisk code


  • When a unique code is added to the collection, the exclusion list is updated using its exclusion list (and headers exclusions).
  • When a dag/star association is added, the exclusion list of the collection is updated using the dag code exclusion list only. The asterisk code is only descriptive.
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